Reunions Membership Management System

Designed from the bottom-up to help reunion committees proactively maintain active reunion member relationships throughout the years.

  • Create & manage reunion member lists
  • Add pictures to associate with your members
  • Download your membership in CSV format to always have a current copy of your online membership roster.
  • Manage administrative members and access permission levels, which makes passing responsibilities to new committee members seamless.
  • Enable reunion committee members and reunion members to update contact information.
  • Provide a centralized online location to enable missing members to find your reunion group!
  • Enable logged in members to email other members (unless they request not to be contacted by anyone).
  • Make it fun for people to help find missing members.
  • Create, promote and manage events. AND give your members a way to give IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK!
  • Link your website with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for social networking!
  • Track the effectiveness of your efforts with membership statistics.